Emerald Empowerment LLC: Transforming Troubled Relationships into Treasured Alliances

Children, teens, and adults are rarely introduced to the fundamentals of effective communication and conflict resolution. Speaking the same language isn’t enough. It’s also true that you can’t avoid communicating—even your silence speaks volumes.”

— Joyce Lynn Elder

Effective Communication Creates Engagement


You know it’s true: some conversations are harder to      have than others. But have     them you must.


When things are going great, you can be sure that effective communication is flowing freely: positive feelings abound; problems are identified and solved with elegance and dignity; smiles reveal mutual satisfaction.

By contrast, when clear communication is absent or anemic, frustration and anxiety set in; associates begin to feel off balance, upset, angry, or resentful—not to mention confused and scared. At these times, it’s natural for many to clam up, isolate, or withdraw from the perceived source of trouble. Still others over-react and begin to assign (or duck) blame, assuming the worst-case scenario: career-ending consequences. For both parties, sleepless nights develop, followed by endless days that only add to the problem if nothing ever changes and no one gets any better at conveying their needs and expectations.

Whether you’re an executive or a business owner, you mustn’t leave effective communication to chance. Unprofessional communication can cost you clients, employees, cherished relationships—even your physical and mental health.

At Emerald Empowerment LLC, we’ll help you discover how to remain strong and move forward responsibly even during difficult conversations or while in conflict.

At Emerald Empowerment LLC, we train, consult, and mediate—showing you simple, valuable ways to communicate effectively.

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Effective communication is the lifeblood of every successful alliance.